Unfertility X Love Laid Bare

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dionne LDN of Love Laid Bare and we talked about my infertility journey so far and everything else in-between. Her line of questioning really made me stop and think and I felt so safe to share with her. You can listen on Soundcloud, Spotify & Apple podcasts.Continue reading “Unfertility X Love Laid Bare”

God, Infertility & Me

Oh, the blessing. Oh, the blessing. Can’t you see, what God has done. – Jesus Is King, Sunday Service Collective So the truth is, I hadn’t really been into the ‘Christian God’ thing for quite a while… I was always spiritual to a degree, spiritual including feeling things from my ancestors and I always believedContinue reading “God, Infertility & Me”

Final results (part 3)

“You know, your husband’s reaction just reaffirmed to me that God is out there working on us. How his experience readied him for this situation, how God brought you two together so that you wouldn’t have to deal with fragile masculinity while also navigating through this challenge. God knew what he was doing when heContinue reading “Final results (part 3)”