Ethnic diversity in fertility treatment 2018

Last week I sat on a panel organised by the HFEA, with doctors; Christine Ekechi, Raj Mathur & Yacoub Khalaf to discuss the HFEA’s latest report, ‘Ethnic diversity in fertility treatment 2018’ – UK ethnicity statistics for IVF and DI fertility treatment (Published: March 2021). The report highlights disparities in access to and outcomes ofContinue reading “Ethnic diversity in fertility treatment 2018”

Elle Magazine feature

I’m kinda still speechless tbh. But very GRATEFUL & HOPEFUL that someone will see someone who looks like them talking about the “taboo” that is infertility and feel less alone and maybe even empowered to seek treatment.  My only message is that infertility is NOT the end. There are options beyond the infertility diagnosis andContinue reading “Elle Magazine feature”

Unfertility Podcast – Episode 4

Episode 4 – out now! In this episode, I speak with  @karabo_infertilitywarrior  of @hannah_youarenotalone about her journey with recurrent miscarriages. We had such a wonderful conversation and there was a message in her mother’s words that really resonated with me… she said to Karabo, “ngwanaka phila” – meaning “live my child”. A loving reminder that your lifeContinue reading “Unfertility Podcast – Episode 4”

Unfertility Podcast – Episode 3

Episode 3 out now! In this episode, I speak with Jasmine – @glowful.path – about her infertility, IVF & pregnancy loss journey. After a miscarriage and a second IVF round that ended with no embryos for transfer, her 3rd IVF cycle was successful and she is currently pregnant. There is a beautiful moment in the episode whereContinue reading “Unfertility Podcast – Episode 3”

Unfertility Podcast – Episode 2

Episode 2 out now! In this episode, I speak with Natalie @myivf_miracle who went through 12 unsuccessful IVF cycles & 7 miscarriages. She now has a beautiful baby boy from her 13th IVF cycle. Natalie’s story has stayed with me ever since the first time I heard it. I had only had 1 cycle then and herContinue reading “Unfertility Podcast – Episode 2”

Unfertility x HFEA

For Black History Month 2020, I wrote the first ever patient blog for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) – which is the UK’s independent regulator of fertility treatment and research. I am thankful that here in the UK, we have an authority like the HFEA, that always puts the safety of IVF patientsContinue reading “Unfertility x HFEA”

2020 cancelled?

Love isn’t cancelled Music isn’t cancelled Dancing isn’t cancelled Progress isn’t cancelled Meditating isn’t cancelled Dreaming isn’t cancelled Self-care isn’t cancelled Reading isn’t cancelled Having fun isn’t cancelled – @insta_holaa What a year it has been already… and I am really not sure why and how a non-UK Mother’s Day has triggered me. I don’tContinue reading “2020 cancelled?”