My name is Noni Martins and I am the host Unfertility, a podcast that seeks to break the silence, shame and stigma around unconventional fertility journeys.

My husband & I have been trying to conceive for over 4 years and it was close to the 3-year mark that we found out we had male factor infertility and that we would need IVF. We started IVF in Jan’ 2020 and we have had 3 failed embryo transfers so far.

As well as sharing my own unconventional fertility story, I host other Black women with their own stories, and professionals in the fertility sphere with the hope of bringing more visibility to these hidden stories.

In the words of Nichelle Polston, “If I have to be the poster child, I will become that poster child to get women to talk about their struggle… At one time, my fear was talking because I didn’t want people to gossip about me. Now, my fear is women not talking.”

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