Elle Magazine feature

My/our infertility story – written by Deborah Linton for Elle Magazine.

I’m kinda still speechless tbh. But very GRATEFUL & HOPEFUL that someone will see someone who looks like them talking about the “taboo” that is infertility and feel less alone and maybe even empowered to seek treatment. 

My only message is that infertility is NOT the end. There are options beyond the infertility diagnosis and though not necessarily ideal, it’s still better than no options at all. I want ALL women to know this. And hopefully we can get to the point where ALL women have access to treatment. 

I have to recycle the quote I wrote in my first blogpost in June 2019, “If I have to be the poster child, I will become that poster child to get women to talk about their struggle. At one time, my fear was talking because I didn’t want people to gossip about me. Now, my fear is women not talking.” ~ Nichelle Polston 

I’ll be honest I felt a wave of shame again when I realised the article was out. That’s that PTSD! Then my husband read it and told me ‘well done, you will definitely reach more women with this’ and I knew all was well in the world again.

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful and encouraging messages. We are breaking the stigma TOGETHER 🤎

You can read the full feature here.

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